Lost Pet Research Blog Articles

The Lost Pet Research Blog is home to my current research articles.  Most of these articles are based on research studies published in the scientific literature.  A few articles are summaries of my own research such as the Cat Homing Behavior Survey.  These articles go back as early as 2011 and some could probably be updated with new research.  But there are so many new topics to explore as well.

Upcoming Blog Article Topics

Some of the articles that I plan to work on this year include:

  • Do owner scent articles work as an attractant for lost cats?
  • A review of Bluetooth tracking devices
  • Characteristics of cat remains from coyote attacks
  • How much can raptors (eagles, hawks, owls) lift?  
  • A review of pet GPS trackers

Suggestions for Research Topics

Do you have any suggestions for lost pet research topics?  Submit one in the comments or send a contact form.  I periodically run surveys in the Lost Pet Research Facebook Group to determine what article I will work on next.

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